Wagga Wagga played host to the Australian Water Brokers Association March General Meeting at the Townhouse. The meeting was well attended, with more than 24 people coming from across New South Wales, Australian Capital Territory, Victoria and South Australia.
The AWBA welcomed speakers from both the MDBA (Murray Darling Basin Authority) and the Australian Productivity Commission. From the MDBA, we had Dr. Marcus Finn and Dermot McKane, who spoke about the MDBA role in water and power that they have, provided a better understanding of how the MDBA fit in the overall scheme of water trading and other topics. We also heard from John Madden with the Productivity Commission, who addressed the members on the role of the Productivity Commission as well as provided an update of the Stakeholder Working Group into reform of Australia’s water resources policy. After each speaker, the floor was opened to members to address any concerns and ask questions into Australia’s water trading or any of the topics discussed.
The next meeting will be held in Shepparton on the 24th July 2017. For more information, please contact the AWBA on 1300 568 668 or email us at enquiries@awba.org.au.