Benefits of becoming a member

The AWBA is committed to providing opportunities to assist members. Membership of the AWBA offers a range of benefits and services including:

Support and training

Our ongoing CPD program ensures your knowledge remains at the cutting edge of the latest trends and requirements of the water broking industry.


Members receive ongoing access to resources to keep up to date in the ever changing water environment. This includes access publications from the various water authorities nationally, legislative updates and other government releases which affect the water industry.

Competitive edge

Being recognized as a member of the AWBA will provide credibility to your relationships with clients and other stakeholders. Through our alliance partners members also receive access to discounts for a range of services.


The interaction and fellowship with other AWBA members will provide access to invaluable insights and experience to assist your career development.

Becoming a Member

Our membership application process seeks to ensure those individuals who seek a career in the water broking industry have the required skills, experience and training to achieve a sustainable and rewarding career in the water broking industry.

Those who seek to become a member of the AWBA must complete our application process which includes:

  • Confirmation of the required level of demonstrated experience and knowledge of the water industry
  • Completion of our induction training module
  • Satisfactory Viva Voce interview with the AWBA executive committee

Applicants who are granted membership are awarded the right to use the initials AWBA after their name which provides invaluable credibility with stakeholders in the water industry.

AWBA policies

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Membership Categories

The various catagories of membership and the associate annual fees are detailed below:

Full membership $550.00 incl. GST

Provisional membership $440.00 incl. GST

Affiliate membership $660.00 incl. GST

Membership Forms

To apply to become a member, please download, fill in and return the appropriate form below

Full Member

Provisional Member

Affiliate Member